The Birth of Enlightened Leadership

The development of Auftragstaktik was the foundation stone of Prussia’s, and later Germany’s, astounding battlefield performances. Universally praised in military circles, Auftragstaktik remains both poorly understood and badly practised. This uniquely German leadership philosophy lies shrouded in a fog of mystery and misinterpretation.

Colonel Oliviero clears away that fog. He succinctly explains the early intellectual and structural growth of this leadership philosophy from before the French Revolution to the eve of the First World War, with a glimpse at the interwar period. He thereby provides the necessary background and understanding, without which Auftragstaktik cannot be fully understood.

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Tactics, mastering the principles of combat, always remain piecemeal if the leader hasn’t also mastered the essential principles of leadership. Only thus can troops be successful, even outnumbered. A book well worth reading.
Karl Ernst Graf von Strachwitz, General der Aufklärungstruppe

… a succinct and very readable account of the development of Auftragstaktik as a leadership philosophy…while also reminding us that persisting in micromanagement, excessive focus on technology, and intolerance of failure, is unlikely to lead to similar success!
– Lieutenant General Sir William Raoul Rollo, KCB, CBE

… a comprehensive and thoughtful explanation of the rise of the Prussian Way of War that is the foundation of modern doctrine…we would do well to incorporate this message into our body of professional knowledge and practice.
– Major General Michael J. Ward, MSC, CD

Whatever your profession, if you aspire to be a leader, you need to read this.
– Colonel Gene Lake, OMM, CD

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