Coming this Fall – Warrior Lord

Warrior Lord is a very personal book, by Canadian Army veteran Major Nathan Flight, that reflects on his over two decades of service, and how he found a source of resiliency in his personal faith. Weaving his own story in with those found in  scripture, the journey that he describes is relevant to anyone looking to find a an example or source of personal strength for their own life, or for someone seeking to understand how to reconcile a military life with one lived by the tenets of a deep, personal religious faith.

Coming this Fall – How Not to End the Afghan Insurgency

Written by Canadian Army officer Phil Halton, this non-fiction work describes how a deep misunderstanding of what motivates insurgents in Afghanistan has prevented the West from finding a lasting peace. Using his own experiences working in the country as a civilian, as well as scholarly research, he describes elements of the insurgency which will surprise most readers who might otherwise consider themselves well informed.