Blood & Bourbon – Spring 2018

The fourth edition of Blood & Bourbon has finally hit the shelves, and it is an interesting one. It includes contributions from: Zachary Honey, John W. Dennehy, Israela Margalit, Reggie Mills, Benjamin Fine, Rosaleen Bertolino, David Lefkowitz, Joel Minor, Jon Kemsley Clark, Bruce McDougall, Jeff Nazzaro, Daniel Uncapher, Pablo Javier Herrera, J. J. Steinfeld, Alexander Illingsworth and John Grey.

This is also the first edition to include material that was entirely generated by an A.I. – can you recognize non-human creative writing when you see it?

You can find it for sale in paperback or e-book here.

Coming this Fall – Warrior Lord

Warrior Lord is a very personal book, by Canadian Army veteran Major Nathan Flight, that reflects on his over two decades of service, and how he found a source of resiliency in his personal faith. Weaving his own story in with those found in  scripture, the journey that he describes is relevant to anyone looking to find a an example or source of personal strength for their own life, or for someone seeking to understand how to reconcile a military life with one lived by the tenets of a deep, personal religious faith.