How accurate is the history we read?

History is not what actually happened, but rather what is recorded to have happened. For numerous reasons, some deliberate, others not, the recording of history can often be a distortion, if not a complete misrepresentation, of the events as they actually occurred. As such, the historian must be a sleuth and try and uncover, as closely as possible, the actual reality and drivers behind those events. This undertaking can be a daunting task as there are a myriad of challenges to obscure the “truth,” especially for military historians.

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The name’s Gurski, Phil Gurski

Who doesn’t like a good spy movie or novel?  Whether you are a James Bond fan – Daniel Craig or Sean Connery? – or love the books by John Le Carre (The spy who came in from the cold – hey is that about a Canadian in January?), there is a lot to like about this genre.

Except that they are fiction.  Sure, there is some link to reality – Le Carre was, after all, with MI5, the British version of CSIS – but they most definitely stretch the truth of what it is like to work in national security.

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A Note from the Author: Amber Topp on “Night Vision”

Night Vision is a book that wrote itself. There was no point where I decided to sit down and write a book of poetry. Poetry is an art that is channeled from the unknown. The inspiration comes, and I write. Writing itself is an outlet. Many people will attempt to write their way out of pain or fear; others work to write their way through those spaces, using words not to speak of facts or figures, but to convey emotion. This is where the healing process begins, and through the healing of the writer comes the healing of the whole. Night Vision is a specimen of the latter, in that it was created for the healing of the communal whole. It is an anthology of words that demands to be felt.

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If you aspire to be a leader, you need to read this short book

This book is about more than just battlefield leadership. Tactical skill and masterful maneuver is not enough. Leaders need to master the principles of command. Command skills are building blocks. Leadership is the mortar that binds them together. Years ago, NATO became enamored of a uniquely German leadership philosophy called Auftragstaktik (translated as Mission Command). But as a friend told me, “you can’t grow cactus in the tundra.” This modest phrase launched me on a years-long quest to understand why NATO militaries have failed to incorporate Mission Command in their forces.

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New Author – Amber Topp

Double Dagger Books has always used the idea of “books we want to read” as our guiding light when deciding what to publish. That’s why we’re really excited to announce our first collection of poetry, entitled “Night Vision,” by serving Canadian Armed Forces member Amber Topp. Amber’s written work focuses on healing from trauma, using poetry as the vehicle to explore a process that many veterans (and others) will be able to relate to. You can read all about Amber here, and watch this space for announcements about a publication date.

New Author – Phil Gurski

Double Dagger is committed to publishing books that illuminate military and security related topics that are either little known or ignored by others. Phil Gurski has spent his entire career shining bright lights in dark corners, showing us the threats that society sometimes finds more convenient to ignore or misunderstand. We’re very pleased to announce that we will be publishing an updated and expanded version of The Peaceable Kingdom in 2023, a clear-eyed view of terrorisms impact on Canada since Confederation.

Interview – John Barnes

Chief Warrant Officer John Barnes is a Canadian Army Veteran, who served over thirty years with The Royal Canadian Regiment. Most notably, he was the Company Sergeant Major of Charles Company during Operation MEDUSA, which saw the heaviest fighting sustained by the Canadian Army since the Korean War. His autobiographical book, White School, Black Memories, was released on 10 August, 2022.

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New Author – Gerry Madigan

Double Dagger is excited to announce a recent deal with Major (retired) Gerry Madigan, a former Canadian Army logistician and avid researcher. His work, “The Path to Victory was never Straight Nor True,” examines the Canadian response to the Second World War from an economic and policy point of view, as well as examining the extensive defence efforts within Canada, and their impact on the war.

New Author – Benjamin Inks

Double Dagger is incredibly excited to announce that we have signed United States Army veteran Benjamin Ink’s new work, Soft Targets. A Purple Heart recipient, Benjamin served three years in the United States Army and has worked an odd array of jobs—private investigator, personal trainer, security supervisor at a senior community. So far, the highlight of his résumé was teaching literature as a grad student at George Mason University. 

Soft Targets will launch early in 2023.