New Author – Sean Claxton

We’re very pleased to announce our recent signing of historian and battlefield guide Sean Claxton. His work, a battlefield guide to the actions around Bretteville on 8-9 June, 1944 is the first in a new series for Double Dagger. There is no substitute for actually walking the ground when learning about history, and even a relatively minor action can be both fascinating and instructive. Many military colleges and schools use staff rides, battlefield tours, tactical exercises without troops, or other methods in order to teach about warfare. While there are subtle differences between all of these methods, what they share is the use of ground. This new guide, written by someone who has walked the battlefields around Bretteville many times, is a detailed guide to support a self-guided walking tour.

New Author: Charles Estep

We’re very pleased to announce a partnership with a new author, Charles Estep. An active duty US Air Force pilot, his debut book tells the little known history of The Gambia Company, a colonial force formed in 1902 that went on to serve the British Empire through two world wars. In keeping with our desire to publish history that is new and innovative, we’re greatly looking forward to getting this book onto shelves around the world in 2022.

New Author: Colonel Bernd Horn

We’re excited to be collaborating with our latest author, Colonel (ret’d) Bernd Horn, an accomplished soldier, historian and author. His next book, “Unleash the Dogs of War: Secret Missions in Support of Operation Crusader,” details the origins of the Special Air Service and other Special Operations forces in the deserts of North Africa in World War Two. Launching in early 2022!

New Author: John Sliz

Double Dagger is incredibly proud to have recently signed a deal with Jon Sliz for his next book. A prolific author and expert on the military engineers of World War Two, his writing has been published by Vanwell Publishing and Service Publications, among others. His latest work is a deep dive into an unsung part of engineering history – the armoured bulldozer (properly termed “crawler tractors”). More news to follow as we move closer to a publication date. CHIMO!

An Interview with Colonel C.S. Oliviero

In advance of the publication of Praxis Tacticum: The Art, Science and Practice of Military Tactics, we wanted to take the opportunity to speak with Colonel Oliviero and ask him about the experiences—as a soldier, a student, and a professor—that led him to writing this book.

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