A Note from the Author: Amber Topp on “Night Vision”

Night Vision is a book that wrote itself. There was no point where I decided to sit down and write a book of poetry. Poetry is an art that is channeled from the unknown. The inspiration comes, and I write. Writing itself is an outlet. Many people will attempt to write their way out of pain or fear; others work to write their way through those spaces, using words not to speak of facts or figures, but to convey emotion. This is where the healing process begins, and through the healing of the writer comes the healing of the whole. Night Vision is a specimen of the latter, in that it was created for the healing of the communal whole. It is an anthology of words that demands to be felt.

I wrote these words over a period of four years, a personal journal for myself. Brought together they portray a journey of healing through Military Sexual Trauma (MST), and represent a path that many military members have walked, but few venture to speak of; exploring the intricacies of relationships, duty, power, and traumatic events.

I hope that the book conveys strength, tenacity, and healing to service members, particularly women, while demonstrating that overcoming MST is possible. But more importantly, I hope everyone who reads these words truly feels them.

Night Vision will be available in February 2023 on Amazon.

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