Victoria Day 2023: “Whatta Ya Doin’ For May Two-Four?”

By: James M. Leslie This exciting question is on the minds of many Canadians as we get closer and closer to the month of May. This long weekend at the end of the month stands as an exciting milestone in any Canadian year. For many it marks the beginning of the summer season, when warmContinue reading “Victoria Day 2023: “Whatta Ya Doin’ For May Two-Four?””

Interview with Ben Inks, Author of Soft Targets

Author of “Soft Targets,” a collection of short stories that launches on 18 May, 2023, is Benjamin Inks. A Purple Heart recipient, Benjamin served three years in the Army and has worked an odd array of jobs—private investigator, personal trainer, peer recovery at a crisis receiving center. So far, the highlight of his résumé wasContinue reading “Interview with Ben Inks, Author of Soft Targets”

Vimy Ridge – A Memory of War

Mist gathers at the edges of distant forests. A vast, emerald field in northern France lined with neatly maintained trenches, scars from long ago. A lonely paved road leading up to a towering white limestone structure reaching up into the sky. It is covered with figures, stone faces staring out across the field. Some inContinue reading “Vimy Ridge – A Memory of War”

Terrorism on the brain – is there a cure for that?

We humans worry about a lot of stuff, don’t we?  Did I leave the burner on when I left the house?  Did I remember to pay the hydro bill?  Do I have enough money in my change purse for a double-double (not a Double Dagger!) at Timmies?  Ok, maybe not the last one so muchContinue reading “Terrorism on the brain – is there a cure for that?”

Good Morning, Vietnam and more!

In one of the first chapters in our book Hot Mics and TV Lights: The American Forces Vietnam Network, my co-author, Rick Fredericksen, a newscaster at AFVN-Saigon himself, wrote, “One of the worst miscalculations in movie history was averted by raw perseverance and auspicious luck. Studio bosses were afraid to commission a Vietnam War movieContinue reading “Good Morning, Vietnam and more!”

Teacher, Trainer, Soldier, Fraud

A wise woman once said: “PFC, money and titles don’t mean shit to me. My heroes have always worn combat boots.” A curious statement, given she was a civilian addressing me by rank and not by name. But I’ve come to view this slogan—this attitude, this ethos—as a subtle reminder to value a person not for whatContinue reading “Teacher, Trainer, Soldier, Fraud”

A book on terrorism in Canada? You’re kidding, right?

We Canadians have to acknowledge that we are one lucky nation.  Not only are we a staggeringly gorgeous land but we live in a stable democracy, have a neighbour with whom we are on good terms (usually!), and are seen by most other countries in a very, very good light.  It is surely not aContinue reading “A book on terrorism in Canada? You’re kidding, right?”