Dead Spy, Cold Grave


A growing Soviet threat.

A volatile nuclear arms race.

A dead body in the snow.

Canada’s newly formed Special Branch is tasked to investigate the murder of a Soviet diplomat whose naked body is dumped on the American Ambassador’s lawn.

With the Soviets refusing to cooperate, and growing pressure from allies to hand over the reins of the investigation, Inspector Declan Connelly and Canada’s fledgling security service find themselves in an international tangle of early Cold War treachery and duplicity.

Dead Spy, Cold Grave is a gripping story of spies, moles and murderers, but also the complications of being a small, inexperienced player in the deadly struggle for nuclear dominance.

Available now in paperback and as an ebook.


Dead Spy, Cold Grave establishes Michael Goodspeed as Canada’s pre-eminent author of espionage fiction. 

Alan R. Jones. Assistant Director, CSIS (Ret’d)

Goodspeed’s Dead Spy, Cold Grave is a page turner…brimming with treachery, intrigue and sudden twists that still resonates today. 

Major General (retd) Lewis Mackenzie

Goodspeed knows his stuff, sets the scene well, and tells a gripping tale.

J.L. Granatstein, co-author of Spy Wars: Espionage and Canada from Gouzenko to Glasnost

Be prepared to be taken on a ride back in time, murder, betrayal and for unexpected twists and turns.  – 

Donald G. Mahar: retired Senior Counter Intelligence Officer, author of Shattered Illusions: KGB Cold War Espionage in Canada
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