Dr. Bev Morris

Inspired by the voices of extraordinary people in extreme situations, Bev writes through listening to stories told by survivors. From women survivors of abuse to soldiers at war, from people to places, she is drawn to experiences that question the very nature of humans and our impact on the world and each other. She seeks out the fragments of trauma that lodge themselves deep inside ordinary people, changing them forever, sometimes for the better. Often for the worse.

Bev’s work itself is created in fragments; poems, flash fiction, haiku, and micro-scripts. She looks to give space to unheard voices, even when these voices falter or scream.

Bev’s first military history, ‘An Average Pilot’, is being published by Double Dagger Books, and her well-being book, ‘Moments of Joy’, is self-published by Marvellous Minds Creatives. Her poetry is published by the award-winning Beautiful Dragons (Ragged Rocks, Running Rascals, Bloody Amazing, Lighting Out, Watch the Birdie, Noble Dissent, Well, Dam!, Not a Drop) and her flash fiction is published byRetreat West (The Perfect Word) and Writers Online (The Show at the End of the Pier). As well as performing eco-poetry as part of Poets 4 the Planet, her eco-article has been published by AMED (The Fifth Element) and her plays (Vagina Blogs, and 9 Lives, 8 Deaths) have been performed by Contexture Theatre. She mentors other writers and storytellers to find their own voice, running writing workshops and groups.

Join Bev to chat about writing and books here:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarvellousMinds

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/MarvellousMindsCreatives/

Website: www.marvellousminds.creatives.co.uk

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