Gordon Semple

Gordon Semple is at heart a teller of stories.  After twenty-five years of being actively involved in living history (French and Indian War, American Revolution, and the War of 1812), Gordon now feels it time to commit some the act of guiding the not yet initiated into “The Hobby”, and he plans to leave the naughty bits in.

Raised in Newmarket, Ontario, the son of two teachers, Gordon has always been a willing listener and teller of tales.  Growing up in, and around the military, Gordon became fascinated with the history, not only of how soldiers, sailors, and airmen lived their lives, but also how their families and those around them coped, and flourished in challenging times.

An eclectic professional life has seen Gordon work in the Canadian Forces, Fine Dining (Sommelier), Education, Health Care, Occupational Health and Safety, and now as a Coach and Hypnotherapist.  Through all of these, the constant has been the act of training, especially using metaphor and story.  

Gordon Semple resides in Newmarket, Ontario with his partner Jill (35 years of living history) who at the time of writing continues to put up with him.

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