Praxis Tacticum: The Art, Science and Practice of Military Tactics

Pundits the world over have long predicted the end of conventional warfare but for the foreseeable future, it is here to stay.  Counter insurgency, guerrilla warfare, terrorism, peace enforcement, policing duties. All of these forms, like conventional warfare, are as old as mankind.  Modern militaries claim that they are professional bodies, responsible to teach, control and discipline their members.  But at least one aspect of this claim is poorly executed: tactics are not taught to junior leaders, which is why this practical guide is essential reading for all junior leaders, officers and NCOs alike.

There is an old military adage that there is no teacher like the enemy. True; but the wise commander will prepare to meet that enemy and become the teacher and not the student.

Available in paperback and e-book format.

Colonel Chuck Oliviero spent four decades in the Canadian Armed Forces as an Armoured Cavalry officer.  He spent half of his career either as a student or as a teacher and the other half commanding troops.

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