War fascinates us, but what do we really know about its nature?  

Strategia is the product of Colonel Oliviero’s decades-long intellectual quest to address this fundamental query. His work offers both the serious student and the casual reader a foundation stone upon which to build a deeper understanding of military thought and theory, and thereby a richer appreciation of mankind’s deadliest pursuit.  

Strategia introduces many of the major contributors to military thought and theory as well as some of their most profound impacts on the conduct of war, from Sun-Tzu to the modern day, encompassing warfare on land, at sea and in the air, as well as in the cyber-realm.  

While not an all-encompassing deep dive, Strategia is an essential primer and a point of departure. With this foundation stone in place, the student of war can proceed to follow Clausewitz’s admonition to develop a “fine and penetrating mind.” 

Strategia is available now on Amazon.

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