Unleash the Dogs of War


The summer of 1940 was a dark period for Britain and the Allied cause, and the German military was triumphant everywhere it went. Every means was needed to stem the German tide and win the war. In North Africa, powerful benefactors who believed in the potential of the special forces bucked convention and allowed for their creation and growth.

North Africa proved to be the birthplace and proving ground for some of the Allies’ most prestigious special operations forces. The infamous Long-Range Desert Group and the legendary Special Air Service were born in the desert, and other formidable organizations such as the Commandos and Special Boat Service were also deployed in theatre. They would all have an important role to play in Operation Crusader.

Unleash the Dogs of War details their secret missions to track German troop movements, raids to destroy German air bases deep behind enemy lines and even an audacious attempt to kill Rommel himself.

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Bernd Horn is the classic case of a soldier-scholar. Anyone interested in the North African campaign or special forces will find this book of immense value and interest. It is very well worth the read. – Lieutenant-General (ret) The Honourable Roméo Dallaire

Horn is an avid scholar of special operations history and one of the best-informed on the topic. This is a must read for any enthusiast of special operations forces and World War II. – Lieutenant-General (ret) D. Michael Day

…reads like a real-life Tom Clancy novel! – Dr. James Kiras 

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