Bluebirds at War: Canada’s Fallen Nursing Sisters of the First World War 

Canada’s Forgotten Nursing Sisters

Of the over 3,100 Canadian women who served as nursing sisters during the First World War, sixty-one paid the ultimate sacrifice. “Bluebirds at War” tells each of their stories, based on meticulous research that has uncovered a forgotten piece of Canadian history.

Although Canadian nurses had accompanied military contingents sent to quell the Northwest Rebellion and to South Africa, never before had they served on the same scale as during the First World War. From a strength of one nursing matron and four nursing sisters in the Permanent Force at the start of the war, the number of nursing sisters grew exponentially. Thousands of women answered the call and served with both courage and compassion.

By examining the individual story of each of these sixty-one women, we gain insights into what motivated them to serve, the conditions that they endured, the tremendous value that their service provided, and ultimately how they met their end. Although melancholy, “Bluebirds at War” breathes life back into these forgotten heroes, ensuring that their stories are not lost to future generations.

You can find Robyn-Rose May‘s “Bluebirds at War” on Amazon.

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